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Be your own hero

When it comes to fitness or being active it can take a bit of motivation to get started if you've been out of the game for a bit.

Don't beat yourself up that you maybe are not able to perform at a level that you used to or compare yourself to someone else's abilities. We are all on our own journey of growth in all areas of our lives. And growth takes TIME.

Next time you find yourself judging your physique or get down about not making progress just know that it's a marathon not a sprint. Ditch the idea of get fit quick or lose weight in short periods of time.

Fitness and movement is a lifestyle. The benefits of feeling healthy, having a strong capable body, injury prevention, healing from injuries faster and more effectively, eating well because your body craves good fuel, sleeping soundly, having better sex, and overall feeling better all are gifts you receive from staying consistent and disciplined in your training or practice.

So understand that it's the long game. Just like anything in life, when it comes to creating some beautiful it's a long and perservered process. Yes there will be days you don't feel like training or moving. Keep it simple and cheer yourself on.

Make it a mission to never talk to yourself negatively. Encourage yourself just like you would your best friend or family member. If you have a bad training day that is ok. Be gentle with yourself and I know that those days happen. Just stay consistent and the results will speak for themselves. Love yourself through the process, be patient and enjoy the ride.

Stay WILD 🦶

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